Message from Our CEO

Over the past decade, a lot has changed. We’ve seen advances in technology and communications we could not have imagined 20 years ago. We’ve seen our world grow more diverse and the globalization of almost every aspect of our lives. Bahrain has seen periods of economic growth and challenges and through all of this, we’ve seen the connectivity needs of the business community change, and we’ve grown and adapted our offerings to meet them.
Founded in 2005 as the first alternative service provider, Kalaam has grown from strength-to-strength to become the second largest ISP for enterprises in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
This is largely due to our customers, who have year after year entrusted their business connectivity to Kalaam, thereby giving us the privilege to serve them with the dedication and speed, that we are disciplined in.
With the acquisition of Lightspeed in early 2014, Kalaam has emerged now as the company poised to be the next-generation market leader with over 17% marketshare.
We attribute this growth, primarily to Kalaam building and strengthening our relationships with our customers and partners in a sustainable way.
Through innovation and understanding what our customers need, Kalaam’s singular purpose has been to deliver defining customer care and service that goes beyond mere technology.Our mission is to serve our customers-better, faster and comprehensively.
Now in our 10th year of operations, we are committed to deploying solution-based ecosystems that meet every business requirement and strive to be the first-choice service provider for businesses in the Kingdom for service.

Veer Passi
Chief Executive Officer, Kalaam Telecom

Our Board of Directors

  • Nezar Al Saie, Chairman
  • Mark Jenkins
  • Suleiman Maani
  • Basim Al Saie
  • Faisal Al Shoaibi
  • Walid Al Shoaibi
  • Yousef Al Quraishi
  • Veer Passi, Chief Executive Officer