Customized Hosting Solutions for Operators

  • IN Platform Services: Kalaam hosted IN platform solution is the business model that will help you get into the telecom business faster, and stay on top of new developments with minimum capital investment. Kalaam's resilient network and reliable support team will let you concentrate on your core operations: marketing and provisioning services for your clients. With over 6 years of experience in hosted IN platform solutions for telecom service providers, we ensure the highest SLA with Kalaam's business partners. Our usage-based commercial model makes it easier to expand and scale services without significant investments.

  • Data Centre Services: We provide hosted site infrastructure capacity to host your servers and provide the capability to permit any planned activity – without disrupting critical loads, in a fault tolerant, redundant architecture. Teaming with your organization, we manage the responsibility of maintianing hardware infrastructure performance, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. We provide 24/7 support via:
    • Security controls
    • Failover redundancy
    • Quick, reliable and flexible Internet connectivity
    • Physically and environmentally secure data centers
    • Network intrusion detection systems