Data Connectivity Solutions

Clients looking for the best-in-class data connectivity and bandwidth options for their businesses can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options, not to mention the number of vendors competing to provide those options. The Kalaam team recognizes the value of choice. Our years of experience in the Bahrain telecom industry allow us to gather the information, analyze the carriers and make the appropriate recommendation for each unique client situation...often at prices below those listed by other service providers.
Our data connectivity solutions provide your business with dedicated high-speed connectivity for businesses that need world-class reliability and optimal performance, scalability and security. Our full complement of data connectivity services enables your company to link all of your locations together through a variety of wide-area technologies and access methods that include MPLS, Ethernet, point-to-point T1 services, Frame Relay and wireless Laptop access for remote access on the go.

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Kalaam's MPLS service lets you manage a point-to-point connectivity, giving you the ability to communicate and exchange information between two sites. This is a fully managed service which helps expand your local network to remote sites and creates a single company-wide communications infrastructure.


a wide area network connection between geographically dispersed offices and branches. Local businesses which are looking for an efficient, secure and affordable communication tool can find the perfect solution in Kalaam’s AVPN connection.

Global MPLS

Kalaam’s Global MPLS network will enable you to streamline business operations, interconnecting international branch offices, dealers and partners on a single platform. This innovative network is ideal for mission critical applications and converges data, voice and video.


Kalaam’s IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) is designed to provide a point-to-point connectivity for your business with a way to expand your private network across countries and offers a secure, reliable international connection that is ideal for your organization’s connectivity requirements.


Kalaam’s VSAT is a versatile solution to connect where there is not a conventional media such as copper, fiber and microwave. It is extremely useful not only as a reliable primary link for non feasible areas, but also as a very successful alternate technology for a backup link. Kalaam offers data and voice services directed towards any customer throughout the various coverage areas of the satellites.

Offshore DIA

Kalaam provides dedicated internet access to over 170 countries across the globe. The services could be offered over various access technologies such as fiber, copper, wireless (microwave/radio, WiMax, 3G/4G/LTE) and Satellite. We can provide speeds upto 10 Gbps depending on the access technology.