KlikDedicated FAQs

How does it work?

This is a dedicated connectivity with internet bandwidth as applicable provided to you using either copper cables - lease lines or on our wireless network.

What are the different options for KlikDedicated?

There are three methods of connectivity – Wired and Wireless, and these are available in 2 modes – Internet and Data connectivity. Additionally, you can opt for MPLS IP VPN

What type of installation is involved?

Depending on the type of deployment, either lease lines are delivered to your server room, or an antenna will be placed on the rooftop of your office building and a cable will be installed up to your server room.

What are the speeds available for KlikDedicated?

KlikDedicated is available in multiple speeds, ranging from 256Kbps to STM1.

Is KlikDedicated available all across Bahrain?

Yes, however, there may be a limitation in the type of deployment or speeds available in certain areas.

What distinguishes KlikDedicated- MPLS from the others available all across Bahrain?

As the one of IP VPN service providers in the region to deliver superior Quality of Service (QoS) with the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) TECHNOLOGY. MPLS is a key routing protocol for service providers to steer IP traffic onto a variety of routes instead of one single channel, to avoid congestion or failures, or to achieve what effective QoS aims to achieve - minimized traffic delay, optimized data throughput, and minimized jitter and loss of data packets. MPLS enables enterprises and service providers to supercharge their VPNs, dramatically improving scalability, performance and security. Since IP is fast becoming the dominant networking protocol in the world, our MPLS-based VPN service has become one of the region's most practical, future-proof ways of delivering the full chain of time-sensitive applications over corporate IP networks. Examples of these emerging applications include multicasting, streaming video, video conferencing, IP fax, and other e-business solutions.

What is the difference between KlikDedicated-MPLS, IPLS and pure Internet access?

Once considered one of the most competing products for MPLS IP VPN, IPLC is a more traditional point-to-point connection and suffers from a number of disadvantages. IPLC requires the self-provision by businesses of their own communication needs over their own networks. Businesses build their own internal corporate networks by purchasing IPLCs and leased lines, and then adding on top of these lines the necessary equipment (e.g. switches, routers, etc.). Such a solution involves in-house management and maintenance of the corporate network, which could prove a very complex task, requiring numerous and skilled staff.

Pure Internet access involves sole reliance on non-customized basic telecommunication services purchased locally from various suppliers. The Internet, however, is not a controllable and predictable environment. Consequently, as soon as data packets get into the Internet, rather than a single controlled IP network, they are subject to unpredictable quality issues.