For reliability in dedicated internet access

KlikDedicated offers end-to-end reliability on Kalaam’s infrastructure with a unique service offering of bandwidth on demand.

Service Benefits

  • Significant cost savings on dedicated internet connectivity
  • Bandwidth on demand upto 25 Mbps
  • Designed to support critical business communications
  • Proactive monitoring and fault resolution
  • Backed by the Kalaam Advantage

Service Options

  • Wireless, wherein Kalaam installs an antenna on your office building which connects you to the Kalaam data network. Along with deployment using our point-to-multipoint network nodes, we also offer point-to-point links as per the client requirement. Once the roof antenna is installed, a CAT 6 cable is provisioned to link into your office network routers. The service is deployed using the general wireless frequency band with 256-bit encrypted communication between the nodes. We have implemented equipment with built-in technologies for higher performance in noisy enviornment and free-band interference. Speeds up to 15Mbps are available on this option and includes bandwidth on demand, allowing you to increase the bandwith per-day for specific requirements.

  • Licensed Microwave, is widely used for point-to-point communications because of the small wavelength it carries, which allows conveniently-sized antennas to communicated securely in narrow beams. This allows co-located microwave equipment to use the same frequencies without interfering with each other. Another advantage is that the high frequency of microwaves gives the microwave band a very large information-carrying capacity - roughly 30 times the size of the unlicensed band. Links are licensed individually by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) and communication between the links is encrypted for security. Speeds upto 300Mbps can be provided with this solution, and our voice services can also be provided using the same links.

  • Wired, wherein a lease line is installed linking your office to the Kalaam network. This connectivity can be either between two or more client branches or can be used to provide internet connectivity to the client. Speeds up to 2Mbps are available per link. Higher speeds can be provisioned by coupling multiple leased lines using a hardware coupler depending on the specific requirements of the clients.

  • MPLS, MPLS IP VPN is a regionwide state-of-the-art service that delivers the security and performance levels of a private IP network from a shared public infrastructure. This is done using Multiprotocol Label Switching, allowing Quality of Service (QoS) to be maintianed not only per link but also per protocol used within the link. More specifically, it provides connectivity between sites across a shared public infrastructure in a secure manner with the same policies as a private network. In the modern business environment, companies are increasingly under pressure to support a wide variety of voice and data communication channels between cities or locations. Employees also need to access and share information as they travel or work from remote locations or branch offices around the world. Existing WAN technologies, such as International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) or a pure Internet access, are either too expensive or limited in their flexibility to meet changing business requirements (for example, a leased line connecting two small offices is expensive to maintain). It is out of such inadequacy that IP-based VPN TECHNOLOGY has emerged as the solution. Since IP is fast becoming the dominant networking protocol in the region, our MPLS-based VPN service has become one of the region's most practical, future-proof ways of delivering the full chain of time-sensitive applications over corporate IP networks. Examples of these emerging applications include multicasting, streaming video, video conferencing, IP fax, and other e-business solutions. The solution is completely deployed using fiber for end-to-end connectivity.

  • Fiber, is deployed for corporates having large and mission critical requirement for communication. We are currently building our fiber network across Bahrain and at this time can provide customized solutions for large capacity requirements to our customers. We also provide phased solutions allowing our customers to save cost and build their network as the requirement grows.