Talk800 FAQs

What technology does Talk800 use?

Talk800 is a Number Translation Service, allowing the user to call into Kalaam’s Network in the first stage, and then the call is re-directed to the destination number selected by the customer.

How does Talk800 work?

When you subscribe to Talk800, we will assign a number to you. You can choose to forward this number nationally on your office line, or internationally to any other branch of your company. You may also choose to vary the forwarded destination based on time of Day, Weekends, etc.

Once I subscribe to Talk800, can I receive calls from across the world?

For toll free numbers, only calls from Bahrain can be received, and for non-toll free numbers calls can be received from anywhere.

Can Talk800 be used from any number?

By default, Talk800 can be used from any number, however, based on your requirement we can restrict the access to your number.

How is the quality of calls on Talk800?

All inBusiness services are premium services using guaranteed quality routes, where quality is matched to local operators, and when using Talk800, you will experience the same high quality as a local call