TalkMobile FAQs

What technology does TalkMobile use?

TalkMobile is a two-stage dial service, allowing the user to dial into Kalaam’s Network in the first stage, and then dial the destination number in the second stage.

How does TalkMobile work?

Once the dialer is inserted into the mobile phone, the dialer prefixes an access number to the call, ensuring the call is redirected to Kalaam network. After reaching our network, your account is validated based on the mobile number and the call is connected by Kalaam network

If I subscribe to TalkMobile, do I still need to pay my mobile operator?

If you have a monthly subscription based service, you will need to pay your mobile operator for the contract in either case you would need to pay for any data utilization and SMS messages sent rental and any data utilization and SMS messages sent.

Once I subscribe to TalkMobile, can I still make calls using my mobile operator?

After inserting the Kalaam Dialer, there is a menu that appear within the phone, which allows you to choose which type of calls you wish to make local/ International/ All using TalkMobile and also give you the option of switching between TalkMobile and your mobile operator.

Can TalkMobile work on any mobile phone?

Talk Mobile has been tested to work with most mobile phones in the market today. TalkMobile by default works with a dialer being inserted into the mobile phone. In some cases there is limited space to seat the dialer in the sim card slot or there may be a software incompatibility. You may still use the service by manually dialing the prefix number to access the service.