What technology does TalkSIP use?

TalkSIP uses SIP Trunk based communication between a customer PBX and Kalaam Network. In this network voice is carried over IP network.

How does TalkSIP work?

When you subscribe to TalkSIP, we link your office telephone system to Kalaam Network after analyzing the capabilities of your PBX. All calls made after the setup will be from the Kalaam national number range provided to your office.

If I subscribe to TalkSIP, do I still need to pay my local/mobile operator?

You may need to pay other operators based on other services you may have subscribed to. TalkSIP does not depend on any other operator and does not require you to pay any other operator in order to use the service.

Once I subscribe to TalkSIP, can I make and receive calls from across the world?

Yes, Kalaam national number range is able to receive calls from all over the world and all local and international calls are completed with your Kalaam Number being displayed as the Caller ID on the receiver side.

Do I need to have internet to use TalkSIP?

You will need connectivity to the Kalaam network; this may be over the internet or just a data link from your office to our network (point to point).