Voice Connectivity Solutions
Kalaam’s Voice Solutions offer a full spectrum of next-generation business voice communication solutions be it for a large centralized campus, geographically dispersed branches, hundreds of remote locations or all of the above. With our long-standing voice communications heritage, vast industry expertise and the world-class technology of our partners, businesses rely on us to deliver industry-leading, enterprise-class quality voice to meet the growing demands of today’s business world and provide significant savings on communications costs. Additionally Kalaam provides Toll-free services that enable customers to contact you, no matter where they are located.

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Kalaam introduces a unique voice solution for business executives while roaming. Stay connected to your business from any part of the world, without the worry of paying huge bills. Now its Save to travel.
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Direct Dial
Organizations can now enjoy savings on local as well as international calls with Kalaam's Direct Dial service. It makes communication over IP a convenient option with a range of added benefits.


Direct Dial International
Through the Direct Dial International service your business can make substantial cost savings on international calls to any destination using your existing telephone lines, without changing your business phone numbers.


Toll-free services
A special telephone number is provided in a specified destination (Local/International), which is free to the calling party and instead the called party is charged for the incoming call.