kalaam161 FAQs

How to use kalaam161 calling cards:

  • Scratch to reveal the PIN number
  • Dial 16 100 161 for 161 rates (local charges apply); or Dial 8001 0161 (for toll-free rates.)
  • Enter PIN number followed by the # key
  • Dial 00 + Country Code + Phone number followed by the # key.

Where can I purchase the card?

Kalaam161 cards can be purchased from all over 3000 coldstores, supermarkets and other outlets in Bahrain. If you are unable to locate a coldstore near you, please call Customer Service on 8001 8008 for assistance.

In which values are kalaam161 cards available?

Kalaam161 cards are available in three different values, namely BD1, 2, 5 and 10.

Can I make calls from any phone?

Kalaam161 can be used to make calls from any Batelco Fixed Line or any mobile (all networks).

Are 8001 0161 calls chargeable?

No, as the number is a toll free number.

How do we know the balance left in Kalaam161?

You can know the balance of your prepaid card by entering the PIN number and the balance will be announced via an IVR system.

What if I lost my card and forgot the PIN number?

The PIN number cannot be reset or regenerated. The customer needs to keep the PIN number safe and should not disclose it to anyone.

After how long does the kalaam161 card expire?

Kalaam161 Cards irrespective of denomination expires 60 days after first use.