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Kalaam Telecom, one of Bahrain’s leading alternative operators, has migrated to a full NGN solution using the DIGITALK SIP Application Server.

The growing acceptance and trust of VoIP technology in the region means that Kalaam Telecom has been able to optimise service offerings and are now able to more effectively grow and serve their subscriber base with a reduced operational cost model while being able to offer new revenue generating services on top of existing service offerings.

.The NGN DIGITALK Multiservice Platform (a SIP based Application Server) offers enhanced redundancy, security and load-sharing capabilities due to the integral Session Border Controller, enabling Kalaam to have confidence in uptime and solution availability to further enhance customer service quality and strengthen loyalty.

DIGITALK have extensive experience in migrations from legacy TDM to NGN infrastructures with many operators seeing the cost benefit of moving to an NGN.

Suleiman Maani, CEO of Kalaam commented “We were looking to take better advantage of the cost savings available by investing in NGN infrastructure and we had very tight deadlines in order to maintain service levels. DIGITALK’s project team were very flexible in reducing the standard project and installation times with a very successful switch-over.”

Mark Ashdown, EVP of DIGITALK added “As we see further adoption of SIP within network operators, the transition to NGN technology continues to gather momentum. Our relationship with Kalaam Telecom is a fine example of where strong vision is matched with a robust and scalable solution to ensure a cost effective service is delivered for all for the long term.”

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