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Kalaam Telecom, the second largest telecommunications provider for corporate services in Bahrain, today announced its partnership with Dar Al Shifa, a newly opened medical center in Bahrain to provide end-to-end telecom solutions including data and voice thus, optimizing healthcare costs.

Further to support the patients, Kalaam has provided a premium unique number 16161616 to the Medical Centre which will benefit the patients in reaching the Centre more conveniently.

Mr. Veer Passi, CEO – Kalaam Telecom said “Different industries require different solutions and Kalaam has invested in understanding the core fundamentals of each industry, which helps us to provide unique and customized solutions. We are grateful to this opportunity in playing a key role in supporting and understanding the needs of the medical industry in Bahrain and serving their customers in the most efficient way.”

Mr. K.T Mohammed Ali, Managing Director – Dar Al Shifa said: As a high profile medical centre that aims for the best in all aspects of its operation, we are pleased to have Kalaam Telecom as our Internet, Voice & ICT solutions provider that has helped us ease our operations with the dedicated connectivity of latest VoIP Technology & IP Telephony and a unique number that differentiates us in the market. As a new medical centre in the Kingdom, aiming for expansion in future, we look forward to enhancing our relationship further.

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