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Kalaam Telecom – the 2nd largest ISP* for corporates in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has been entrusted to deliver high speed dedicated internet services to the Al Raja School, one of the oldest private schools in the Kingdom. The School was sponsored with a Platinum Internet package providing the school with high speed business services. This has also aided for expansion of their IT infrastructure for the better advancement of the school.

“Internet and technology are an integral part of the learning experience for students.  Technology is extensively used by the students in addition to the research studies, creating original work, and collaborating and communicating with each other. We are thankful for Kalaam’s support to Al Raja School.” Joshua Perkins Al Raja School Principal.

Veer Passi, Chief Executive Officer, Kalaam Telecom expanded on this saying:
“It gives us tremendous pride to be a leading solutions-provider for telecom services in Bahrain. We support and facilitate e-learning in Bahrain by providing Internet, Cloud & ICT managed solutions to educational institutions. Thereby, we are certainly enthusiastic in playing a small part in our future generation’s education. We are also working on creating an awareness program to educate teachers, students and parents alike on the importance of harnessing the power of the internet in education and whilst bringing awareness of its threats and vulnerabilities.”

About Kalaam Telecom:
As the first, alternative and fully-licensed telecommunications provider based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kalaam Telecom offers advanced internet, voice, data, cloud & ICT managed services to business customers. Having launched operations in March 2005, Kalaam serves both small & medium business customers and large corporations, government institutions with various telecom managed solutions across different industries in Bahrain. A key indicator has been the amount of renewed and continuous business awarded to Kalaam over the past eleven years. This also includes providing support the growth of digital transformation to further enhance business offices.

About Al Raja School:
Al Raja School is Bahrain’s oldest private school, and its mission is to provide students with education that prepares them to be strong members and contributors to their community.  Technology has always been part of the school’s learning process. In every classroom there is an interaction multimedia white board and the students have access to the internet under the school’s supervision.

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