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With solid infrastructure and far-reaching network, we are now more than
ever equipped to meet the highly evolving digital connectivity demands of businesses.
Veer Passi
Chief Executive Officer, Kalaam Telecom

Ever since the onset of the 21st century, a lot has changed in how we perceived the world around us and interacted with it. The dominance of the digital has revolutionized how we connect and communicate, and we are witnessing advances in technology and communications that seemed unimaginable 20 years ago. More recently, Covid-19 has disrupted every sector, and the businesses’ needs and expectations for the digital have increased unprecedentedly with regards to efficiency, excellence, and personalization.

To thrive in the digital era, agility matters the most, and businesses need to optimize their operations consistently to become more agile and extract maximum value. To strategically elevate the business, mere investing in infrastructure transformation won’t suffice. It is equally important, if not more, to have access to strategic solutions that are tailored to meet customer requirements, thus empowering, and enabling optimized achievement of business objectives and growth.

In tandem, Kalaam Telecom has been constantly evolving to meet the industry demands through expertise, innovation, and managed services.  Growing from strength-to-strength to become a leading provider of ICT services and connectivity solutions across the region, Kalaam is empowering the business sector and driving the digital transformation across GCC, by addressing the digital needs of large corporations, wholesalers, channel partners as well as SMEs, through its cutting-edge, value-added solutions to facilitate every stage of enterprises’ digital transformation journey.

The company understands enterprise’s ICT needs and leverages its expertise and industry insights to offer tailored, innovative, and agile solutions, to strategically improve the businesses’ operational efficiency, and mitigating digital pain points.

With the recent strategic acquisitions of Kuwait based Tawasul Telecom, and Zajil International Telecom Co. (KSCC), one of Kuwait’s longest-established ISP and ICT services companies, we are now more than ever equipped to meet the businesses’ digital connectivity demands, enabling us to offer our customers easy-to-procure, fast and pan-GCC solutions over a single agreement.

At Kalaam, we strive to deliver to the high expectations that our customers come to us with, and beyond. We rely on our solid infrastructure and far-reaching network to provide innovative, agile solutions that are quick to deploy to achieve more impactful and long­ lasting business growth.

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Nezar Al Saie, Chairman
talks about the Vision of Kalaam during Tawasul acquisition

Group Chief Executive Officer
talks about the regional growth of Kalaam during Tawasul acquisition

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