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As architectures evolve from just buildings to smart buildings, it is imperative to upgrade your property’s digital connectivity to thrive in the highly competitive real estate market. Any property’s digital infrastructure is also the key deciding factor for the modern digital savvy customer out in the market.

Homes, residential buildings & compounds, or large villas, we understand every structure has its own unique infrastructure. Keeping that in mind, Kalaam designs comprehensive, easy-to-operate, and highly effective real estate solutions that can be built to your specification to include as little or as much as you need, to make your property optimized and connected, thus keeping its value high and making it an attractive proposition in the market.

Our dedicated expert team study your building to assess the scope of services and provide industry leading managed services.  The possible ways you could make use of the smart solutions are almost limitless.


Reliable, wireless high-speed Internet services with consistent speeds even at peak times, at the best value for your property. Services include 24/7 tech support, with additional services on offer to ensure your Internet safety and security. Not only that, our packages are designed such that you are only charged for the occupied apartment units and not the total number of units.


Third-party hotline services offering point-to-point communications link configured at the reception or office of your building, enabling your tenants to make local & International calls. Our 24x7 hotline call center features both digital and live operator capabilities, providing the flexibility needed to set up a hotline that meets the needs of your property.

Add-on Services

Building Automation

Intelligent IoT solutions for smart building automation extending beyond classic functions like HVAC and lighting control, to grant you sophisticated technology to manage your property while on the move. Wireless sensors empower you with unparalleled visibility into your property operations.


Advanced biometric systems to increase convenience and security of your property, and optimize daily operations. Biometrics offer better experience to users, granting access just by scanning your hand or face, making access control more convenient and secure. Using biometric verification as an additional step in your security process is also a convenient way to increase your security level.

High Access Wifi Solutions

Wi-Fi access points and service provider routers right-sized for big-size individual units like large homes or villas. ‘Wire-like’ performance with powerful edge services secure the network and enhance the user experience – all delivered at a disruptively low total cost of ownership.

Our effective 360 WLAN Solution supports scenarios which include a large number of concurrent users, densely-located rooms, all-wireless offices, Wi-Fi and IoT convergence, and outdoor high-density coverage.

We analyze the requirements of terminals and service characteristics in high-density scenarios and provide High-Density Wi-Fi Solution to address the need. The solution provides customizable networking schemes and is compatible with Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6.

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