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In a signing ceremony held at Elite Resort and Spa, Muharraq, Elite Hospitality Group’s Chief Operating Officer Mr Sarosh Aibara, said: “In today’s environment, internet plays a large role in our lives. Keeping in-line with Elite Hospitality Group’s technological vision, we stay abreast of new advancements and dynamically invest on this for the growth of our organisation and the convenience of our valued guests with the up to date release of broadband technology. We have opted to upgrade by connecting with the Internet technology bringing the internet to life with faster speeds, no line dropouts, and an always-on connection. With this in mind we are pleased to have selected Kalaam Telecom as our service provider.”

Kalaam Telecom’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Veer Passi said: “We are pleased to be selected as Elite’s partner and to deploy a one-stop ICT solution based on Next Generation Premium Technology in all their properties. The centralized data and bandwidth management solution is fully redundant ensuring 100% connectivity at consistent speeds with no down-time. Further, Internet speeds can be increased as and when required through ‘bandwidth-on-demand’ feature, which is ideal for seasonal or cyclic nature of the hospitality industry. Kalaam Telecom’s expertise-in implementing a scalable solution that will not only meet Elite’s immediate requirement but also take care of their requirement for the forthcoming years without the need for more investment-is the key factor that sets us apart as a ICT service provider.”

Avinash Phandis our Chief Financial Officer said: “Kalaam Telecom was chosen for its innovative, cost-effective and expandable solutions that met Elite Hospitality Group’s standards. This move will further enhance our efforts to delight our guests, as also improve our central reservations network and our internal communications”

“This ICT-based solution provides immense flexibility to Elite and well-equips them to meet the ever-demanding, need for internet speed in this very competitive hospitality industry. It will act as a service-differentiator for the Elite Group, to whom, customer satisfaction is paramount. We look forward to a successful business partnership wherein we both continue to set high benchmarks in customer satisfaction, in our respective industries,” concluded Veer Passi.

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