Global MPLS


Global MPLS

Kalaam’s inB2B Global MPLS Service provides reliable and secure access to your network from anywhere in the world. KT has extended its regional and international reach through MPLS NNIs with regional & global operators such as Airtel, Zajil, Tawasul and ITC, thereby establishing Bahrain's footprint in the world map. Additionally, KT's OSS agreements and arrangements with regional & global carriers give us a better chance to provide superior services to our customers. Our network of partnerships helps extend our regional and global footprint, giving you seamless connectivity options to any part of the world, over our resilient and diverse network.

  •  Comprehensive end-to-end solutions
  •  Support of Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity
  •  Multiple protocol and interface support
  •  End-to-end managed services
  •  End-to-end service level agreement
  •  24x7x365 central NOC and support team
  •  Plug and play implementation
  •  Low maintenance and ongoing manageability
  •  Better security with no routing disclosures to service providers

This technology-independent solution enables you to handle a multitude of tasks ranging from mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), quality videoconferencing and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) to convenient email and web-based applications while addressing traditional network problems relating to speed, scalability, Quality of Service (QoS) management and traffic engineering.
  • Availability & Reliability: Highly Redundant & Protected Connectivity
    • All MPLS nodes are multi-homed.
    • Each link is carried over a separate cable system.

  • Security: Highly Secure & Trusted Connectivity
    • Strictly separate private network.

  • Scalability: Streamlined Expansion Strategy
    • Adding a new branch is as simple as adding a new last mile.

  • Class of Service (CoS): Dedicated Bandwidth for Selected Applications
      Option of prioritizing traffic to match business needs

  • One Stop Solution: Single Point of Contact
    • Customer needs to work only with one service provider for the end to end network.

  • Reporting: Improved Resource Utilization
    • Web-based tools for performance monitoring and reporting.

Our global MPLS backbone is capable of carrying any type of data (i.e. voice, video, CRM, ERP, FTP etc.) across the globe. With coverage in more than 70 countries and 700 cities, our MPLS network is the right choice for managing your Global WAN connectivity requirements.

MPLS services offered

Layer 3 Global MPLS service specifications:
  • Highly scalable and redundant backbone architecture
  • No quick fix using existing ATM and frames
  • Separate MPLS and Internet backbone
  • Support of any-to-any meshed connectivity
  • Support on variety of CE-PE routing protocol like Static, OSPF and BGP
  • Support of multiple class of services
  • Flexible physical access port ranging from T1/ E1, DS3, STM1 to FE
  • Flexible port speed ranging from 64 Kbps to STM1 level
  • End-to-end CPE management and monitoring services
  • 24x7x365 central NOC and support team
  • Service level guarantee provided on uptime, availability, latency, packet loss and jitter (for voice traffic only)
Layer 2 Global MPLS
  • Coverage in major geographies like Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and USA
  • Backbone network build on Cisco AToM (Any Transport on MPLS)
  • Support of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint architecture
  • Support of single class of service
  • Scalable and redundant backbone architecture
  • Access supported is on Ethernet
  • SLA provided on availability, latency and packet class
Four Classes of Services
  • Premium RT – Real time multimedia
  • Premium NRT – Interactive video and streaming
  • Business - Mission critical business applications
  • Standard – HTTP/FTP/Non-time critical applications
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