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Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: Kalaam Telecom, in a forward-thinking move, released their latest corporate campaign for 2011 in 3D! Now screening at Bahrain International Airport (BIA) till 31st December 2010, Kalaam’s 3D animated advert is showcased in three 42-inch 3DTV screens and requires no special glasses to view. Hosted by Balfour International Group, the 3D experience kiosks installed in both the arrivals and departures concourses broadcast continuous footage of vivid visuals and animated adverts that provide the 3D effect based on Phillips’ Wow 3D technology.

“We were keen to present the innovative spirit of Kalaam Telecom in a unique way. The 3DTV viewing experience without special glasses provided us with an ideal opportunity to launch our 2011 corporate campaign: “Experience the Kalaam Advantage” in this fresh approach to advertising. We are excited to be among the first telecoms to be involved in reaching our audience through this powerful 3D medium brought to Bahrain by Balfour Group International”, stated Veer Passi, Chief Operating Officer of Kalaam Telecom Bahrain.

“After many years of development, 3D screen technology is now surpassing all expectations in terms of impact for the advertiser and the general consumer. After successful launches of the 3D experience in the UK, the UAE, India and Germany, Balfour has now brought the 3D experience to the Kingdom of Bahrain,” says, Charles Firebrace, Head of Business Development, Balfour International Group.

“Creating an animated 3D corporate ad was an exciting challenge for us especially as we had no idea how the effects would come through‟, added Anna Kelly, Communications Manager at Kalaam. “As an alternate voice and data service provider, Kalaam Telecom’s 2011 corporate campaign focuses on the five-fold advantage Kalaam provides a customer. To highlight this message, through images that provide the depth required for the 3D effect in a 15 second spot was daunting, at first, but we are now very pleased with the released advert. It‟s quite engaging to see Kalaam’s message in 3D with the elements of the brand projected and floating in front of the TV screens.”

The 3DTV Screens are located at opposite Gate 12 in the Departures concourse and at the Green Channel Exit in the Arrivals Lounge at the Bahrain International Airport.

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