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Dubai, 19 August 2014: Kalaam Telecom, the second largest telecommunications provider for corporate services in Bahrain, announced today that it has signed an agreement with datamena, a carrier-neutral transit and content hub that provides an interconnection platform for international carriers, content and service providers in the Middle East,  to establish a Point of Presence (PoP) that will enable Kalaam to leverage datamena’s strategic location and rich ecosystem and expand Kalaam’s reach into the Middle East, Europe and beyond.

Kalaam is steadily growing to become a one-stop shop for global carriers, and is able to peer directly with other regional and international ISPs through the fast-growing UAE-IX.  By joining datamena’s carrier-neutral platform, Kalaam will carry all SDH, Ethernet and EoSDH traffic from existing carriers at datamena to Bahrain and the rest of GCC and Middle East through its extensive network of NNIs and own PoPs, said Eyad Al Naqi, Head of Wholesale & Carrier Relations, Kalaam Telecom. “Not only will this initiative help Kalaam stretch its footprint in the region, but it will also add more diversified, low-latency options for our enterprise and corporate customers to choose from for their international connectivity needs,” Mr. Al Naqi explained.

Mahesh Jaishankar, Vice President – datamena and broadcast, du, said: “The ideal combination of our geostrategic location and interconnection facilities are the key reasons why datamena is increasingly being preferred by global and regional entities. We are glad to welcome Kalaam Telecom into the datamena family and we consider this as the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.”

About Kalaam Telecom

Launched in 2006, Kalaam Telecom is the leading alternative telecom operator, offering voice and data solutions for corporate businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Kalaam’s inBusiness products and services range include: Business broadband, National Data Connectivity i.e. DIA, P2P & MPLS; International Data Connectivity – GMPLS, IPLC, VSAT, Voice – Business International calling and Toll-free service and ICT solutions like Data Center Hosting, AVPN, etc. All services are backed with strong after-sales-service from a dedicated corporate account managers, online account management portal, 24/7 dedicated customer care, through strong and defined service level agreements and state-of-art platform based on Next Generation Network technology. Kalaam’s inB2B global connectivity services deliver customised communication solutions that effectively meet the requirements of carriers and ISPs in transferring data seamlessly, securely and reliably from anywhere to anywhere. Our wholesale solutions are rooted in our world-class infrastructure; extensive presence in the Middle East which inter-connects with emerging markets of Africa, Asia as well as Europe and the US through strategic alliances and agreements with multiple global Tier-1 carriers.

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