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21th June, 2015: Kalaam Telecom – the 2nd largest ISP for corporates in the Kingdom of Bahrain partners with Fakhro Restaurants to provide free wireless Internet access at 14 McDonald’s restaurants across the island.
Ahmad Jaser, General Manager at Fakhro Restaurants, the owners of the international franchise stated: “Customers come to McDonald’s for great food in a comfortable environment. At McDonald’s, we make sure customers have exactly what they need: great food, a family-friendly atmosphere, a play place for children, and, now, free wifi connectivity to provide even more convenience when using their digital devices with family and friends. We chose Kalaam Telecom, as our technology partner – as they have been a long-standing telecommunications partner for us and our other associate companies within the group with a proven-track record in reliability and expertise.”

Veer Passi, Chief Executive Officer, Kalaam Telecom said: We are proud to be solution providers for Fakhro Restaurants’ convenience-based decision to provide free wifi to their customers at McDonald’s. Our solution architecture mapped out a customized managed solution that enables branch to branch connectivity and easy wifi connectivity to McDonald’s customers.”

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