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8th June, 2015: Kalaam Telecom – the 2nd largest ISP for corporates in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has been entrusted to deliver high speed dedicated internet services to the British School of Bahrain, a leading private school in the Kingdom.

At a recent meeting, Head of School, Dr. Charles Wall, said

“We pride ourselves on equipping our students with the best international education there is to offer. In our technological-driven age, high speed internet and up-to-date e-learning programmes are an absolute necessity.
Our students and teachers embrace the appropriate use of technology to enhance our learning both in the classroom and from home. We are rolling out bring your own device amongst our sixth form and seniors school students and are using digital technology across all subjects with all ages of students. Every classroom has an interactive multimedia white board and students have access to personal computers, laptops, tablets and handheld devices as appropriate. None of this works well without good infra-structure to which end we have chosen to entrust our school network connectivity to Kalaam Telecom, who provide us with a brilliant service and excellent value. We look forward to enhancing our relationship further. “

Veer Passi, Chief Executive Officer, Kalaam Telecom expanded on this saying:

“We are proud to be a leading solutions-provider in telecom services in Bahrain. We recently launched solution-ecosystems for various industry segments, with Education being one of them. Supporting and facilitating e-learning in Bahrain by providing Internet & ICT solutions to educational institutions. It is a great honour to be contributing to creating an IT-savvy young generation and we are enthusiastic in playing a small part in our future generation’s education.

As part of our corporate social responsibility we are assisting schools to enable them to use broadband and digital learning tools in a safe and secure environment. We are working on creating an awareness program to educate teachers, students and parents alike on the importance of harnessing the power of the internet in education and whilst bringing awareness of its threats and vulnerabilities. We are creating a solution eco-system for the education segment that will help schools like the British School of Bahrain to harness the power of Internet with cost-effective usage of bandwidth and consistent technical support and advice.”

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